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Welcome to! We are dedicated to providing our readers with the latest and best information on all types of spa treatments and home sauna’s.  From sauna kits, to beauty sauna treatments and even sauna products we have the best information on it all.  Saunas have been used for centuries to promote cleansing and relaxation.  Today it is a common way to sooth the muscles and even for beauty treatments. does not promote any one product or method of use.  Our mission is simply to provide our readers with all the information they will need regarding home and spa saunas. A sauna can be the best way to relax after a hard day of work or an intense work out at the gym, however you must use saunas in moderation.  Because of their extremely high temperatures constant use can be damaging to the body.

When it comes to saunas a popular concern is that their high temperatures are damaging and can hurt the body.  In usually circumstances temperatures over 100 degrees for longer than a few minutes are extremely harmful to the body.  However, saunas reach upwards of 170 degrees and people can sit in them for up to 45 minutes without being harmed.  Sauna’s can reach these temperatures because of their humidity control. Water is an excellent heat conductor and with high amounts of water in the atmosphere temperatures seem far hotter than they actually are.  Low humidity allows heat to be tolerable and safe.  Saunas usually have low humidity, so the temperature stays tolerable.  In humid steam saunas the temperature usually stays around 90 degrees so there is no harm involved.  

The first saunas ever used were actually home sauna’s used in Europe for warmth in the winter.  Pits were dug in the earth large enough for 5-10 people.  The high temperatures were created by make shift fire places in the pits that heated stones, rather than burned wood.  The stones could be taken out of the fire and placed throughout the pit to raise the temperature.  When humidity was needed water was thrown over the hot stones to produce steam.  Another early sauna was developed around the same time, using actual wood burning fire places.  In these saunas the fireplaces burned large amounts of wood for hours at a time in the closed pit.  The chimney of the fireplace was above ground, so that the smoke would not fill the sauna.  When the wood had completed burning people would enter the enclosed pit, which would remain hot from the blaze for hours.  

Modernly, there are many different types of saunas and they can be used for an array of different things.  A beauty sauna is used in many spa centers and even therapeutic healing locations.  These saunas promote the same relaxations as any sauna, however they are also designed to cleanse and rejuvenate.  To achieve this, the sauna cycles hot and cold air circulation allowing the body to adapt to the array of temperatures.  These treatments are usually carried out for long periods of time; ranging from multiple times daily to daily procedures spanning a month.  It has been proven that with sick or chronically ill people this procedure can help their muscles gain strength to help them recover.  Another perk of beauty saunas is that they provide an enclosed environment that allows them to create an immunity to many different bacteria’s that can be present. 

Saunas of any type are designed to provide an environment that promotes both mental and physical health.  They are known to promote perspiration, rest, circulation, tension and awareness.  Perspiration helps to cleanse the body of toxins and can cleanse the pores throughout the body.  Circulation of blood can aid with health and helps the muscles strengthen which will tone the body.  These are the main reasons that home sauna’s have become extremely popular over the last decade. 

There are two types of home saunas; indoor and outdoor.  Indoor saunas require the use of entire room that has been framed and designed specifically for sauna use.  In addition many people choose to only dedicate a portion of a room to a sauna; this portion will need to be framed off and designed as if it were a separate room.  This set up will allow the room to reach high temperatures without affecting the temperature in the rest of the house.  Outdoor saunas are completely separate from the actual house.  They can come in an array of different sizes and styles, to fit your liking.  Usually these saunas require little preparation  and come preassembled or in kits.  When you have an outdoor sauna it is important to remember that you will need to set up an electric and water hook up from your home to power the sauna.



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