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A beauty sauna is used for much the same reason as a therapeutic sauna.  While it will promote relaxation it is designed for cleansing and rejuvenation.  Both sauna’s require cycles of both hot and cold air circulation which allows your body to adapt and eventually it will help it become resistant to many temperature conditions.  Often times these beauty or therapy treatments are carried out daily for a month.  With sick or chronically ill individuals this helps to relax and tense their muscles acting as a sort of exercise helping them to gain strength. Additionally , with all individuals, sauna’s create an enclose environment helping individuals become immune to many bacteria’s and germs on their body. 

The hypothalamus in our brain controls homeostasis between the bodies nervous systems; autonomic, parasympathetic and sympathetic.  When individuals are experiencing illness or other body dysfunction it is often caused by imbalance of these systems.  Continual stress can also hinder the balance of homeostasis and can make the body venerable to viruses.  With therapy and beauty sauna techniques often times stress is lifted allowing the patient to first begin balancing their internal nervous systems.  In addition it triggers the hypothalamus which will aid in balancing the systems within the body.  It has been proven that beauty and therapy sauna techniques can aid an individual in overcoming  common cold or even severe acne. 

Many people attempt to cure themselves using therapy or beauty sauna methods.  However traditional saunas do not provide the hot, cold temperature interchange making them less efficient.  If you are in need of such treatments it is wise to consult with your doctor.  However, normal sauna’s are still able to cleans the body because it allows your body to release sweat which cleanses your pores and can release harmful chemicals that are circulating through the body.  Traditional saunas can help with acne, cellulite and they can even aid in weight loss.  However, sauna’s should not be used as the sole component for weight loss.  Paired with excursive and proper diet it can be extremely beneficial. 

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