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Sauna’s provide an environment that promotes mental and physical health.  Sauna’s are known as a great stimulus for perspiration, rest, circulation, nervous tension and cognitive awareness.  For all of these reasons they are becoming extremely popular for home and personal use.  There are two main kinds of home sauna’s; indoor and outdoor.  Indoor saunas can be set up in an entire room of your house, or a mini sauna can be set up within a room.  Outdoor sauna’s are usually build separate from the actual house, and are usually small wooden buildings that stand alone from all other buildings.  Regardless of the type of sauna you are looking to purchase there are home sauna kits you can purchase to aid you in your sauna construction. 

Indoor home sauna kids are designed to fit into a pre-built framed room.  From large bedroom size areas, to small shower sized areas; they can be designed to fit any framed room.  In addition to the room size you can also choose the style of sauna.  All home sauna’s are made from wood, to prevent unwanted accidents, and cut on cost.  However, there are many different types of wood one can choose from.  From cedar to birch and even pine; you can choose the type of wood your sauna is made from.  Kits will help every home owner along the way with do it yourself instructions that come with every kit.  There are four easy steps to purchasing most kits, online and at a retailer. 

                1- Determine the size of the room you wish to transform. 
                2- Choose the type of wood you want your sauna to be made with.
                3- Order (It may take weeks for your kit to be assembled, because it is personalized.)
                4- Purchase

While all indoor sauna’s must be personalized and made specifically to fit your home, outdoor kits are come in many standard, pre made sizes and styles.  Outdoor saunas do not have to be constructed to unique sizes to fit a certain space; there are no limitations to the outdoors.  There are many different types of outdoor sauna kits you can purchase to place outside your home.  From small personal sauna’s, to large group sauna’s; you can purchase whichever size you feel is best for your home.  Most outdoor kits come partially assembled so the home owner has less work to do.  Additionally every kit comes with do it yourself instructions so every home owner can build their own sauna.  When you are building an outdoor sauna there are a few things you should keep in mind. 

                1- You will need to pour a cement base for your sauna to stabilize it. 
                2- Your sauna will need to have a gas and electric hook up.
                3- If you live in an area with harsh weather conditions you should take proper steps to protect the wood of the sauna from damage.

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