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Many people who have home sauna’s choose to decorate or enhance them in many different ways to aid them in maintenance or just aid in appetence.  However, because sauna’s reach exceptionally high temperatures many normal products don’t work.  Temperature gauges, back rests, water buckets, aroma oils and even wall signs must be designed specifically for sauna use.  All sauna products are made to be temperature and humidity resistant so they will not become easily ruined by constant exposure to extreme conditions. 

Gauges are actually extremely important for every sauna, home or otherwise, and are among the most essential sauna products available.  It is important for users to know exactly what the temperature is within the sauna, so that their relaxation does not become harmful. The body can only withstand normal temperatures upwards of 100 degrees, however sauna’s are designed to be upwards of 170 degrees.  If the temperature rises above 180 users should be aware they need to evacuate the sauna.  Additionally humidity gauges also help one to regulate temperature for safety.  The more humid the sauna the lower the temperature because water carries heat.

Rests are great in saunas; leg rests, head rests and back rests all promote relaxation.  While there are many different forms of rests they all must be designed specifically for sauna use.  Foam or cloth rests will not work in sauna’s because they will quickly begin to mold and they will retain much moisture, becoming practically useless. Most sauna furniture is made of wood, and is specifically designed for sauna use. 

Buckets are beneficial for soaking and producing steam within sauna’s.  They are one of the most popular sauna products available because of their varied use.  Many people choose to soak their feet or hands in buckets while in the sauna because the atmosphere warms the water and it further relaxes muscles and the body.  Many people also use sauna’s for cleansing so buckets can be used along with brushes to clean and exfoliate the entire body.  Lastly, there are many scented oils that can be used for aroma therapy within a sauna and many people choose to place them in a bucket with water to let them steam. 

Aromas have been proven to change attitudes, cure illnesses and even change brain functioning.  Many people believe that aroma therapy makes a difference in overall relaxation, healing and cleansing.  There are many scented oils that can be used in a sauna to create a more relaxing and cleansing atmosphere.  From menthol, to coconut, and even cinnamon; you can find practically any scent imaginable. 

Signs are the last popular sauna product on our list.  We all know that women, and even men, love to decorate and make everything look attractive and homely.  There is no difference in sauna’s.  There are many signs made to withstand the temperatures of sauna’s.  From quotes to personalized names and even racks to hang towels or brushes on; you can find an array of products to decorate your sauna with.

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