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A spa is the perfect place to go when you are looking for a little rest, relaxation, and papering.  There is nothing better than taking time for yourself; to relax, cleanse, and feel better.  Many people enjoy many different spa treatments from facials to massages, and even mud baths.  Every different treatment provided by any spa is designed to help clients unwind and relax.  Many spas include spa sauna treatments for their clients to promote further cleansing and relaxation.  Sauna’s have many benefits and it is no surprise that they are provided with many treatment spa treatments.  Here are just a few benefits of sauna treatments. 

                1- Spa sauna treatments provide a cardiovascular workout.
                2- Increases the heart rate and improves circulation
                3- Sooths and relaxes muscles
                4- Helps relieve allergies and sinus congestion
                5- Can relieve arthritic pain and reduce sunburn pain
                6- Aids in weight loss (burns up to 300 calories a session)
                7- Cleanses pores
                8- Helps body fight off illness
                9- Promotes full body and mind relaxation
                10- Sooths and calms the mind

Spa sauna’s are usually wet saunas that reach upwards of 100 degrees.  Many spa centers provide the treatments in 15, 20 or 30 minute sessions, because it is not recommended that one stay in a sauna for long amounts of time.  There is nothing like the experience of a spa treatment and you will feel an improvement in your body and attitude as soon as you step out of a sauna.

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